About Us

Fellside Paving is an online blog spot offering multimedia information services for farmers and agricultural businesses. We are a resource of information for food producers, consumers, the farmers, chefs and passionate home cooks who influence the way we eat right now.

This blog spot provides latest agricultural news, market price, opinion and technical advice and a range of vital interactive services for farm businesses be it small or large scale. Here you will get tips on buying farm equipment, reviews, recruit staff, seek step by step technical guidance, share pictures and connect with other farmers.

Fellside Paving has been providing services to UK farming community since inception and prides itself on delivering independent, refreshing and engaging content that farmers can trust. Here you will also find latest agriculture information, farming news, weather, markets, auction, trading information, sustainable agriculture and food system and new products. You will also get information on fertiliser use, organic farming to maximise crop production and hybridisation.

At Fellside Paving, we also publish content on climate change, biofuels, conservation, trade, deforestation, food security, illegal logging, governance and biodiversity. We inspire people to value and protect urban and wildlife forests and are dedicated to educating the general public about the many benefits of trees and forests. We provide blogs and articles covering sawmill, logging, forestry, wood pellets and much more. Here you will also find information on the legal needs for growth in the agricultural industry and the licenses and permits required.

We do all this by publishing reliable, refreshing and engaging content by sourcing it from the experts in the industry, our passion for food and forest and profound respect for the efforts of those who work to provide healthy and delicious products to the community and customers.